Protecting Scrap Metal From Theft When Renovating A Building

If you are doing a major renovation to your business requiring that some portions of the structure are demolished to incorporate a new design, some portions may contain precious scrap metal. This metal can be taken to a recycling center in exchange for money. Since many people are aware that scrap metal holds value, it is risky to leave piles of rubble unattended without taking proper precautionary measures to safeguard these pieces beforehand. Here are some steps you can take to help keep aluminum, steel, and other precious metal from being stolen before you can get it to a recycling center.

Call Centers To Find One With Pickup Service

Some recycling centers have a pickup service available to help with scrap metal removal. Call a few recycling yards in your area to find one that offers this convenience and schedule daily pickups of any scrap you acquire from the demolition of the portions of your building. This will give you the peace of mind the scrap will be harder to steal since someone will be in the area at all times it is present on the property.

Construct A Locked Holding Area For Precious Pieces

After your hired demolishing company knocks down a portion of the building, get safety clearance to walk through the rubble to find any scrap you wish to save. Use a steel or wire cage to house the pieces you discover until you collect a substantial amount to bring to a recycling center. Snake a chain through the door portion of the cage and use a padlock to secure the pieces inside. It will be less likely to be stolen as a thief would either need to remove the entire cage or have the proper tools to cut through the chain to gain access to the scrap metal inside.

Mark Pieces To Help Prove They Belong To You

As you find a piece of scrap metal you wish to recycle, paint a distinct marking on a corner of it with a bright-colored paint. This marking can be used to prove the piece had belonged to you if it does become stolen. Should you discover pieces are missing, contact recycling centers in your area to be on the lookout for someone trying to cash in on a piece with this marking on the corner. Inform authorities as well so you can press charges against the thief if they are found trying to collect on your scrap metal themselves.

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