3 Surprising Ways To Find Free Scrap Metal To Sell

Given that recycling metal is significantly less expensive and more environmentally responsible than it is to create new metals, it only makes sense that paying people to bring in scrap metal is a popular endeavor. However, bringing in the metal components of a broken washing machine or dryer every few years rarely brings in the extra income that you deserve. Fortunately, there are many different ways to safely and legally access scrap metal, as described in the following sections, that you can then bring to scrap metal drop off locations.

Find Out When The Bulk Trash Pickup Is In Your Area

In many areas, the city offers bulk trash pickup periodically throughout the year. That time is often when people get rid of their broken washing machines, old window air conditioners, etc., that have been taking up space within their homes and yards. Assuming that you have a vehicle that is of sufficient size to haul items like those around, picking up items with different metallic components before the trash collectors get to it can easily offer you a plethora of scrap metal for recycling. Essentially, doing so is similar to dumpster diving, which has been a bit controversial in recent years and restrictions can apply to its use. 

However, you should verify that your city or state does not prevent amateur metal pickers, who might also be known as scrappers, from scoping out and removing appealing items that have been abandoned for trash pickup. Sadly, doing so is not always legal or there could be limitations on your choices for picking up abandoned items. In addition, if you want to make picking up scrap metal a regular event, you should plan to obtain an advanced schedule of those pickups. 

Work With Nearby Apartment Complexes And Mobile Home Parks When They Have Metal-based Items To Dispose Of

Unfortunately, many people who move out of an apartment or mobile home do not always leave the property in pristine condition. That means that it is fairly common for renters to leave behind non-working appliances and the owners or managers of the rental property are then tasked with removing and disposing of those items.

That is when you can step in. By contacting the administrative personnel of various rental properties in your area, it may be possible for you to get first dibs on those items. Since you'll remove them for free, it is a win-win situation for everyone, as long as you can access the items quickly so that the home can be prepared for the next renter.

Watch For Businesses That Are Closing Down, Moving Or Remodeling

A third way for you to benefit from the scrap metal that is no longer needed is to speak to management anytime you notice that local store is closing, relocating, or remodeling. Each of those might result in unnecessary metal, even if it is just old shelves that no longer fit within the allotted space or doors that are being upgraded.

Being willing to take away that scrap metal for free on a regular basis can result in a healthy profit for you. At the same time, you can help to provide a cleaner, safer workplace for everyone working at the site in question.   

In conclusion, choosing to recycle scrap metal is a good choice for the environment and can be a great addition to your bank account. When you want to maximize your access to scrap metal and have already removed the junk metal from the homes of your friends and family, it's a good idea to be aware of the options listed above.