How To Take Advantage Of Curbside Recycling

If you want to start making sure that you are doing your part and recycling in order to reduce the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills, you will want to look into curbside recycling. Many people find that the curbside option is much more beneficial because they do not have to worry about driving all of their recyclable materials somewhere every week. If this is something that you are interested in doing, you will want to following these few tips:

Contact Your Garbage Removal Company Or Town Authority

The first call you will want to make will be to the garbage removal company that services your area. Many times, it is that company that handles the pickup of the recycling bins. If they don't, your next call will be to your town authority. They may have their own employees go through town to pick up the recycling bins left along the curb. Once you find out who handles this, you can get the proper bins and learn about the pickup dates. There will usually be one bin for glass, one for metal, and one for cardboard. Some areas will also have a separate bin for plastics.

Get The Entire Family Involved

Unless you want to find yourself picking through the garbage can everyday to remove materials that can be recycled, you will need to get your entire family on board with this. Since this is a new habit that everyone will need to form, do not be surprised if there are a few slip ups and someone throws a pop can in the regular garbage instead of the recycling bin. Keep reminding everyone how important it is to recycle and before you know it, it will be second nature for everyone.

Find Smaller Indoor Bins

Too many people give up on curbside recycling because they do not like having to go outside to throw something into a bin every time they are finished with it. Of course, the bins you put directly on the curb are usually fairly large and will not fit inside a lot of homes without being in the way. To make this easier on everyone, you will want to purchase smaller bins, even if they are just small kitchen trash cans that you can hide away in a closet or cabinet. Fill them up with your recyclable materials and then dump those into the larger outdoor bins once they are full. This can save you time and make this a very convenient process for you.

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