Scrap Metal Decor For Your Property

If you are looking for a unique way to landscape your yard and you tend to like more of an industrial look, then you may want to make some fabulous creations for your property out of scrap metal. If you know how to weld and have the proper equipment, then this will be much easier on you. However, if you don't, then you can hire others to design the objects according to your specifications. You may be even able to take the scraps and your vision to the local high school or college and have the students do it for you while they are learning. If you are making creations out of lightweight scrap metal pieces, you may be able to use E6000 glue and create them all on your own. Here are some ideas you may want to try for your yard:

Make an industrial-looking mailbox post

You can use a variety of lightweight scrap metal pieces to create a post for your mailbox that has a fantastic industrial look to it. One thing you do want to be sure you do is to choose things that don't have sharp edges. You can use a bucket full of cement as the bottom, then affix horseshoes end to end as the post or other types of scrap metal. You can also use the rim of a tire for the base and then work your way up from there. Having these pieces welded together will be your best bet for a mailbox post, so you know it is 100% stable, even in high winds.

Make a creative outdoors table

You can make a table out of a couple of large and stable pieces, including rims from tires, old toolboxes or anything else that will offer you a solid base. Once you get the height that you want, you can use a large sheet of metal with beveled edges as the table top. Or, you can even stack up rims all the way to the top, and they use E6000 to attach a beveled piece of glass to the top that will serve as the table top.

Make a birdfeeder

You can make the post for the bird feeder using the same method above as listed for a mailbox post, then make a somewhat thin cement bowl to affix to the top of the post and pour water in it. Then, just wait for the birds to come and enjoy their new bath in your yard.

Recycle any scrap metal that's left over

Once you have made good use of the scrap metal that you have around your property, then you can make some extra money by selling the rest of it to a recycling center. For more information and inspiration, contact a scrap yard near you.