Breaking Down 3 Common Myths About Refurbished Computers

When it comes to refurbished computers, people often believe a lot of misinformation about them. Many people believe that a refurbished computer is junk that is likely to break down and run poorly. However, these are just myths based on misinformation. Here is the truth about refurbished computers.

Myth #1: The Computer Is Going to Run Slowly

First, many people believe that a refurbished computer is going to run considerably slower than a new computer. This is not true. A computer refurbishing expert is going to work on the computer, and when they are done, the computer should run just as fast as it originally did and may even perform better. The equipment inside a refurbished computer is just as good as that of a new computer, and sometimes, if the previous owner updated the computer at all, it may actually even be better.

Myth #2: The Computer Will Break Down

Second, many people wrongly believe that a refurbished computer is more likely to break down than a new computer. However, this is generally not true. With new computers, the manufacturers expect a certain percentage of computers to fail in the first few years. If a computer is still working well after a few years, it has made it past the expected failure rate for the computer. That means your refurbished computer has proven that it can run and is less likely to break than a new computer. Additionally, any parts that may be worn out will be fixed and replaced during the refurbishing process, creating a computer that is not likely to break down.

Myth #3: The Computer Is Junk

Third, many people believe that a refurbished computer is junk. However, a refurbished computer is more like a certified pre-owned car. Before a company will sell a refurbished computer, they inspect the computer carefully. They go over all the hardware and the software for the system, replacing, fixing, and upgrading anything that doesn't meet their standards. The BIOS, which is the underlying software that powers the hard drive, is also updated during this process as well. Updating the BIOS is not something that can easily be done on a computer, so a refurbished computer might have better BIOS than the computer you have right now.

Refurbished computers are high-quality machines that a technician has gone over carefully, fixing any damaged hardware and improving the overall software and systems. A refurbished computer can run just as good as, if not better than, a brand-new computer when a professional handles the refurbishment process, which is why recycling your computers and giving them a second life is worth it. For more information, contact a computer refurbishment service.