How Recycling Scrap Metal Can Benefit Your Company

Scrap metal recycling is vital for a lot of reasons. Recycling can help stretch resources and reduce the amount of new material that needs manufacturing, it can make materials more accessible, and it can also be an excellent way to make a little extra money.

What is Scrap Metal

Scrap metal encompasses a lot of different materials and can be steel, copper, aluminum, or just about any metal you can think of. If the material is used then discarded, it most likely falls under the term scrap metal. 

Recycling scrap metal is a big business in this country because almost every scrap material is reusable, either to make more metal or through the repurposing of the material. Many times scrap metal yards sell metal cheaper than you can get it brand-new, and often with a little cleanup, the metal is as good or better than a new piece of metal. 

Selling Scrap

Working with a scrap yard to sell your scrap metal is an excellent way to make a little money and get rid of the scrap metal you have lying around. For a company that uses a lot of steel or other metals in its products, collecting cut-offs or waste material during the manufacturing process can add revenue to a company's bottom line. 

Often for commercial customers, the scrap yard will provide you with a container that they can come and get once it is full. You can put all your scrap metal in the container, and when it is full, call the scrap yard so they can pick up the full container and leave another empty one. 

If you negotiate a fair price for the scrap, your company can benefit from it, and the scrap dealer will still be able to sell the material for a profit to their customer. A deal like this is good for both businesses, and it gets rid of the scrap material you do not have a use for.

Recycling the Scrap

Once the scrap yard has the scrap material, they have several options they need to consider. The scrap yard can sell scrap in bulk to refineries to add back into the production process, or they can sell it to customers that need some material for something they are building or working on. 

Many times the scrap yard will do both, selecting the best material to sell in the yard to customers and crushing the bulk material to sell back to the refinery. Over fifty percent of steel is recycled each year in the US, offsetting the need to use raw material in excess in the production of new steel. 

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