How To Recycle Of Ferrous Metals And Where To Find It

Ferrous steel recycling can make s significant difference in the resources available for new construction, and manufacturers reusing ferrous metals, at least in part, has created one of the most successful recycling programs running today. More Ferrous metal is recycled worldwide than any other material because it is common and bountiful and can be profitable when appropriately recycled.

What Are Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are some of the most common metals in use today and include carbon steel, iron, cast iron, wrought iron, and many alloys that contain iron to some extent. Carbon steel or structural steel is the most common steel in use today. It is used in buildings and other structures because it is incredibly durable and relatively easy to produce. 

Most carbon steel manufactured today has some amount of recycled steel sourced from ferrous steel recycling plants mixed into the new materials, reducing the number of new resources being consumed to produce the steel. Iron is readily available as raw material, and the amount of iron added to the metal being made can have a significant effect on the tensal strength, flexibility, and the overall durability of the metal when it is completed.

Recycling Steel

Ferrous steel recycling services commonly recycle ferrous steel because it can bring a decent profit to the company and is easy to recycle. Materials from a building that is being demolished, for instance, or some old railroad track that is being replaced, can be sorted and the scrap steel taken to a ferrous steel recycling location and sold by the ton. The recycler will then resell the steel to steel producers to add to their mix as they create or forge new steel. 

The price for ferrous steel can change daily, but the market is mostly stable, and the manufacturers of steel and other ferrous metals and alloys continue to buy recycled material from ferrous steel recycling services because they can buy it cheaper than producing the same amount of ore most of the time. 

More and more buyers are looking for recycled materials for construction projects, including carbon steel for buildings or specialty alloys that are produced with specific properties for projects large and small. 

For some non-structural projects, the material can be purchased directly from the ferrous steel recycling service and reused just as it is, but typically this only happens in small amounts, and the material is used in things like art projects or maybe to build wrought iron railings or other decorative pieces.