Hosting A Town Cleanup Competition

If you wish to help beautify your town by cleaning up excessive debris that is littering public areas, consider coordinating a group activity to carry out this task. It is not that difficult to make a plan in getting the material up and off the streets, and your neighbors will be appreciative of the efforts your group has displayed. Here are some instructions to use when hosting a town cleanup event. Inform The Public

Newspaper: Your Best Weapon Against Weeds

If you regularly get the newspaper, you could recycle it to help the environment. However, there is also a much more hands-on approach that will put your newspaper to good use after you have finished reading through it: mulching. You can either combine your newspaper with mulch or shred the newspaper to turn it into mulch: Covering Your Weeds Placing newspapers over weeds can smother them by preventing them from receiving the sunlight they need to grow and thrive.