Commercial Recycling Pointers

If you own a waste-generating business, you are primarily responsible for implementing a waste management plan. Use the following pointers to reduce waste and salvage valuable materials.  Recyclables You may not realize how many materials you are tossing into the trash that could be valued by another consumer or used within your facility for another purpose. Glass, metal, and plastic are the main materials you may consider when preparing a recycling plan.

Advice For Beginners Recycling Ferrous Steel

There are some great ferrous steel varieties that you can recycle for profit today, including carbon steel. If you plan on recycling this type of steel for the first time, taking these precautions can keep you on a smooth path. Separate Ferrous Steel From Non-Ferrous Steel When you go scrapping for ferrous steel, you may accidentally put non-ferrous steel into your piles because they may look similar. Non-ferrous steel is basically steel that doesn't contain iron.

How Recycling Corrugated Cardboard Can Save Resources And Reduce Impact On The Environment

Corrugated cardboard recycling programs are a good option for businesses with a lot of cardboard coming in the form of shipping boxes and other sources. The amount of corrugated cardboard that can build up can be significant, and while it can be thrown away, recycling it can positively benefit the business and help reduce the number of resources required to produce more cardboard in the future.  Recycling For Profit Every business is looking for ways to reduce costs and add profits to the bottom line.